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Our current offerings:
We offer a number of training options from online virtual coaching to in-person hitting instruction at The Lab, our 7800 sq. ft. indoor training facility.
The Lab is powered by nationally known Epstein Hitting and incorporates the use of professional hitting technology (including HitTrax, MySwing, Blast Motion, and Virtual Reality) for its members' training.
Sign up for a monthly memberhip to The Lab and get started with the most technologically advanced hitting instruction available. Membership plans are avaialble for most ages (elementary through high school/college).
  • Our most comprehensive player development model
  • Monthly memberships providing up to 8 hours of monthly instruction
  • Utilization of advanced training technology (HitTrax, MySwing, Virtual Reality, Blast Motion, and more)
  • Just record a few seconds of your player hitting on any SmartPhone device—it's as easy as that. Then, upload the video. We take it from there!
Our state-of-the-art virtual reality lab trains players on pitch recognition and timing. Sign up for a Virtual Reality Membership and utilize the same technology currently being used my MLB and D-1 collegiate teams.
  • Each Virtual Reality Membership affords the player (4) 25-minute sessions off the WinVR simulator
  • Each player will be on his own custom plan based on initial assessment to work on pitch recognition, timing, anticipation and decision making
  • This is the same device used by the LA Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, Duke, Vanderbilt, TCU, Wake Forrest and many more
  • This is the future of high-speed processing to help hitters make better decisions in the box
We offer Indoor Baseball Hitting Leagues using our HitTrax Simulator. Sign up for a HitTrax League and get additional training through competitive at bats.
  • Our 6-Week Indoor Baseball Hitting League will be performed using our HitTrax Simulator
  • Players compete in a virtual stadium that measures every ball hit (exit velocity, launch angle and distance) while recording hits, outs, individual batting average, slugging, rbi's and much more
  • Players will receive 20-30 competitive at bats per weekend
We offer a number of training options including online virtual coaching, in-person private pitching instruction, and off-season group throwing programs.
In-person pitching instruction and group throwing programs are done at TDB Field, the 104,000 sq ft artificial turf lighted surface at the H3 facility.
  • Just record a few seconds of your player pitching on any SmartPhone device—it's as easy as that. Then, upload the video. We take it from there!

Baseball Pitching

We teach you how to pitch a baseball. Simple as that. But, pitching is hard to do well. That's why you need us. Click here to learn more.

Baseball Hitting

We teach you how to hit a baseball. Simple as that. But, hitting a baseball is hard to do. That's why you need us. Click here to learn more.

The Lab at H3

A membership-based development program where players receive the same level of instruction as collegiate and professional baseball teams. Learn more.


You see, when you played for our teams, and you stepped across that chalk line onto the field of play, you hustled. That's what you did.
You hustled to first base when you hit the ball, no matter how well or how poorly you hit it. You hustled to your position on the field at the start of the inning. You performed your job to the best of your ability there, and then you hustled off the field. Always.
"Hustle. Hustle. Hustle," my dad would chant to motivate you. Every game. Every practice. Every time. Win. Lose. Succeed. Fail. Make a fantastic play. Make an error.
It did not matter as long as you were hustling.

Founder, HUSTLE3®
On memories with his father

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