President, Director of Player Development

Jake Epstein

The Epstein Teaching System was first created by Jake’s dad, Mike, who was a 10-year Major League player and 1972 World Series champion (led the A’s that year in HRs). Mike, having played for arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams (1969 Washington Senators), re-kindled his relationship with Ted back in the 1980’s.

Every year for the next 10, Mike would go to Florida and talk hitting with the best mind in the game. When he finally put all those notes into a legible and learned form, Ted Williams handed him a Letter of Recommendation for hitting instruction…a great feat indeed!

Jake played collegiately for the University of Missouri and Cal State Fullerton. After finishing his playing career in the Angels organization, Jake spent time working with his dad and learning the skills behind being a successful hitting instructor. The skills Mike passed on to Jake set him apart from many other hitting instructors. Jake has built a proven program to fix faults and maximize strengths.

Over the next several years, Jake showed himself to be one of the leading hitting instructors in the country. He has served as a hitting coach for the University of Missouri and continues to serve as a consultant to the Milwaukee Brewers organization. Jake used his experience working with these top-level organizations to help design The Lab, and he brings professional instruction to all the players he works with.

"All about hitting. All the time!"

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