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HitTrax takes training to a new level with real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with video analysis, trend reports and more all in any MLB stadium of your choice!

Blast sensor softball coach Lauren Chamberlain

Blast Motion Sensor

The Blast Motion sensor is a swing analyzer with integrated, automatic assessments, insights, player – coach communication.

Video Analysis

The Lab at H3 uses video analysis to maximize a player’s self-awareness and create a more efficient training environment for building appropriate muscle memory patterns.

CamWood Training Bats

Hands and Speed Trainer CamWood bats are utilized to build player power and improve the ball’s exit velocity off the bat.

Rapsodo Pitching

The Lab at H3 uses the Rapsodo pitching analysis software with instant data and video feedback to aid in the development of your complete pitching arsenal.

Kinetic Arm

Elite training using the only athletic sleeve engineered to give unrestricted support and stability to both the elbow and the shoulder while throwing or swinging.

Junior Hack Attack baseball machine

Baseball Hack Attack

The Hack Attack design allows hitters to see the ball clearly through the through the feeding motion helping develop a player’s timing and vision.

Junior Hack Attack softball machine

Softball Hack Attack

Three softball specific Hack Attack machines can effortlessly throw fastballs, risers, drops, right- and left-handed screwballs up and into the hitters.

I-Hack Attack

i-Hack Attack

Hack-Attack machines are found in every MLB cage in addition to every SEC school. They are the industry best and we have 6 including the new i-Hack.

Arm Care

Preventing injury, building endurance, and generating velocity using industry-leading Oates Specialties arm care products at The Lab at H3.

Portolite Mounds

Elite pitching instruction on mounds that provide the best blend of portability and durability on the market.

Strength & Conditioning

The Lab at H3 offers year-round strength and conditioning programs that incorporate Rogue training equipment and the Run Rocket speed performance device.

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